About Us

Who We Are


We aim to provide New Zealands companies with professional cinematography and photography services.


Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the standard of cinematography and photography for advertising in New Zealand. We believe that New Zealand (despite being slightly technologically behind) is at the forefront of creative marketing but lacking the resources to execute these brilliant ideas to their full potential. If you have a creative marketing idea that involves photo or video then talk to us today. Share your vision with us.

Who is behind the lens of Digital Flight?

My name is Matt Silcock! I spent my primary and high school years in Lower Hutt, Wellington before moving to Queenstown to study adventure tourism management. Whilst I enjoyed my time there I quickly learnt that my biggest passions are photography and cinematography and it is these things that I wish to do throughout life. I wish to help people mould their companies in the way they want to and believe that my passion for what I do transforms my work into something more than just photos and film.


  • INTERACTION - People are what motivate me on a day to day basis. I love getting feedback and meeting a wide variety of new people everyday. I believe that being able to socialise and relate to people is one of the most important things you can do and I love it!

  • QUALITY - I have a huge appreciation for true quality and while this is focussed in my professional work it is also evident through many aspects of my life.

  • THE WEB - I believe there is an enormous amount of un-tapped potential in the world wide web for both advertisers and everyday users. Everyday a new web based product comes out that changes the lives of people around the globe. I am very excited to see what happens next.

  • TECHNOLOGY - Like many people of my profession I am a bit of a tech-geek. I am constantly looking for things to add to my kit and like many other production kits, it is an ongoing project. What should I buy next?

  • THE OUTDOORS - Ever since a young age I have been a fiend for adventures in the outdoors. I love heading out into the wilderness and a large amount of my early photography was from these adventures.

  • CREATIVE INNOVATION - I believe in creative innovation. Using your creative side to innovate and find a new way to use something, invent something or fix something is a trait I admire.