Commercial Video


We produce the content that you want. From promotional videos to training videos we produce a huge range of content. If know you want to start using video but don't know exactly what type of video will work well for your business we can help you there too! Below are some ideas to get you started! 

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These can be for training your staff, your suppliers or your customers. Use video to let people know what matters to your business or how to use your products in the best way! 

example: If you are a coffee roastery, have series of videos explaining different manual brewing methods - for example have a video on how to use a Chemex properly and another on how to make perfect plunger coffee. Put these on your website or Youtube channel to build brand awareness.



Promotional video is now such a key for peoples websites and having a video on your homepage draws customers in and actually ranks you higher in search engines. Don't just tell potential customers what you offer. Show them.

example: Say you are a company that makes clothing for outdoor activities. Have a video on your homepage that both shows off your products, your philosophies and is completely aligned with your branding. For an outdoor company have people in the outdoors doing the activities the clothing and accessories are designed for.  

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This is something that we believe all businesses should be utilising. It is very similar to promotional videos but alot shorter and more to the point. Short videos designed for Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. This is where people find out about your business and look further into your website!

example: you are a company producing the best and most affordable re-usable shopping bags. You can make a social media video that will get peoples attention by quickly explaining how silly single-use plastic is. In a 15 second long video you can get peoples attention by showing them why they need to make a change and then offering them the solution on how to make that change.

We offer discounts for businesses that are operating in a sustainable way. This can be businesses that are completely focused on environmental sustainability to a fair-trade cafe. Please let us know if you think you would be eligible for this discount.