matt silcock

creative director

Hi! I'm Matt. An adventurer, film-maker, dreamer and a lover of the worlds natural environments. I love making imagery. If I'm not working on making someone elses vision a reality, i'm usually found out in the wilderness with some description of a camera in my hand!

I am obsessed with the ocean and try to be near it as much as possible. Weather this be surfing (trying to surf), free-diving or just walking along cliffs above the ocean it always brings me back to earth every time I am there. I also love adventure. Climbing to a high peak or the top of a mountain, abseiling down waterfalls, kayaking around islands or travelling to developing countries is the stuff I live for.

I am incredibly interested in conservation and sustainability and the businesses who also value these. I am keen to do some volunteer video work for organisations that focus on environmental conservation of the oceans and waterways in New Zealand.

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phone: 027 337 2093