Do you need some corporate headshots done for your website? A photographer for your convention or event? If so, you have come to the right place. We offer a range of corporate photography products specifically designed to make life easier for you. We are easy to work with and our services are quick, painless and give professional results. Please contact us for a quote on our professinal photography services. 




We do a wide range of event photography for a variety of different purposes. Weather it be purely for documentation of who attended or to post on your events facebook page, we can tailor our event photography to suit what you want!

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Need some head-shots for the company website? Go with Digital Flight for a selection of affordably professional head-shots with your choice of being indoors or outdoors. Contact us today for more info! 

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Public Relations photos are all about a fast turn-around, and thats why Digital Flights PR photo options are best for you. We bring a laptop to the shoot and have the photos to you within 10mins of the shoot finishing! We can do PR shoots with short notice also so contact us today!

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Have an awesome idea for your advertising in mind? We are here to work with you and turn that vision into reality. You want some promotional advertising or professional photographs to be shown as the flagship of your companies brand? We can work with you towards success!