Sustainable VIDEO



Video is an extremely effective way to transfer information to people and raise awareness about an issue. We help businesses who are trying to raise awareness and make positive change by offering heavily discounted services and sometimes volunteer if a cause really catches our attention. 


We appreciate businesses who are doing good and operating in a sustainable way! This can be either directly sustainable like a charity that are focused on cleaning up the ocean, or a business that prioritises using fair-trade suppliers or producing their products sustainably.


We love working for charities that are putting their all into making the world a better place and trying to raise awareness about important issues. Please contact us today and we can talk about how we can help you reach your vision! 


We offer a discount for companies that run in a sustainable way by offering organic or fair-trade products. We believe all businesses should operate in this way so we support ones that do with discounts on our services.



If you have an event or a cause that you think will catch our attention we are keen to hear from you! We love volunteering for causes that we believe in to help make people aware of these and create positive change!